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                                              Welcome To My Site

I want to start off by saying thank you for visiting my website. I'm VERY TAKEN. I have found my soul mate. (he's a damn good artist too).
I got my first REAL tattoo 6 years ago. My husband started my addiction to beautiful art... More likely I will run out of skin or time before I stop getting more. I love self expression and all that goes with it.
  I have over 450 hours of ink with 7 piercings. I eat fire and do fire transfer on my body, I'm a progressive pinup, alternative, fetish, fashion, runway, gore and anything unusual model. My mohawk can be worn down for a different look and approach. My husband own's The Legendary Texas Body Art on Jones Road in Houston, Texas. When you come in to get tattooed or pierced, I am the one that will ensure that you get a 5 star experience.

Now available for hire for hosting shows, expos, advertising, apparel or just creative photos for your business or network. Mr. and Mizuz Inkaholik will come to you an do an on site shoot edit and prepare your photos for you to take to print. This is an all in house production and we take our pride in working as a team and have FUN doing it. if you are interested just contact me here..Mizuz Inkaholik On Facebook

I love my job. Keep Rock Alive.... Rock a Hawk!!!


                                                          About Me

If you are interested in contacting me about modeling here's a little info for you. As of now, I'm interested in PAID shoots only. I do not pose nude. I do implied, just to show my ink. I believe I can be seductive and exciting without it. Sexuality is easy to capture on film when there is enough of it. I'm not saying I'm against it, it's just not for me. Tasteful is the best way to describe my style. Progressive Pin-up, fetish, Alternative, Fashion, Apparel, Blood, Gore, Punk, Goth, Rock and Roll, bikini, anything original and eye catching are the best way to describe my work. My everyday style is very unique on it's own. How many girls do you know that wears a mowhawk every day? Me... and a few other cool ass chicks. Please don't forget to sign my guestbook.... Thank you, feel free to contact me. Hope to see ya soon!!!


Age: 33

Height: 5'5"

Wieght: 100 lbs.

My Measurements are 34C-24-33

I would really like to get into music videos, My style would work for punk, metal and rock, hell, anything that wanted some attention...I also would like to do more calendars, more magazines, CD covers and anything that would help me in educating the customer on the proper steps and channels to take before getting a PERMANENT tattoo...
I DO NOT DO NUDITY!!!! SO, DON'T ASK... I have nothing against it, I feel like for me there are certain things that are meant for intimate situations only!! My implied nudity shots were done by my husband Inkaholik (my personal photographer).
If you think we could work well together (I'm so very easy to work with).... you just have to like tattoos... :-) I love a change in style and of course I want more exposer. With 13 International Magazine covers, along with our world renowned tattoo studio voted 1st place peoples choice Best Studio at Slinging Ink 2007 also voted BEST TATTOO STUDIO in Houston 2007 by the Houston Herald and with multiple tv, internet and magazine interviews and 3 DVD covers we have some great connections if you'd like to network with me or take some really outstanding photos, just shoot me an e-mail... Thank you for your time of actually taking a glimpse inside my mind and my world!
I believe everyone can be beautiful, if they would just let their true colors shine ... I wear my colors (tattoos) with honor, I'm a fine art connoisseur ... I just wear mine on my flesh, PROUDLY.
~Mizuz Inkaholik


I hope to change the stereotypes so that women can be themselves, bold, bright and expressive. I love who I am... not just how I look and with every piece of art I add to my collection I grow to love myself even more.... :) Discipline, appreciation and hard work always pay off... 

In my part time I model. Not that I have a lot of part time. I really want to show the world that body modification can be beautiful. This is my artistic expression to the world. Appreciate beauty... beauty is everywhere! I see beauty in everyone, all shapes and sizes. The future I see for the body modification world is bright! Understanding and education will help to speed this process along. Society has really changed over the last decade as far as accepting us into every day life and I want to push for more. We were strange, weird, scary and freaks. Now we are beautiful, distinctive and sexy. Keep it up all you tattooed and pierced freaks out there. Unite and take over the world!!!! Let's begin by networking with each other more, i.e. Artists should teach each other and help each other. Help this industry grow together. Work together, not against each other. STOP HATING!!!! We all need competition, it helps us to grow. We would have no goals if there was nowhere to go... Would we?
Artists: Educate your customers. Cheaper is NOT better. Your work is worth a lot more than you give yourselves credit for.
Collectors, you also have a role in my "plan". We should educate ourselves. Pay attention to what's going on around you and in the industry. Would you go to a doctor that was unclean just because he was less expensive? If so, then you deserve to get an infection. Research, that's what the internet is for.... Use it to your advantage. Let's pull together and make a name for ourselves.

Welcome to MY addiction.



Tattoo Savage Magazine cover - issue #78 April 2007

Skin Shots Cover May/June 2010

TatuARTE in Mexico 2008

Tattoo Magazin in Romania 2008

Voices Magazine Halloween bonus cover 2007

Thunder Press Magazine 2007

Texas Biker Guide Issue 1 April 2007

Texas Body Arts official business card


Voices Magazine - Vol.1 - 3/07  First professional printed issue...

Art Intensity Network DVD - cover Vol. 31 10/06

Punk Rock Chicks DVD Vol 4
Punk rock chicks DVD Cover Vol 2



Photographers that I've worked with :

Inkaholik (Johnny Jackson) My Honey
Sorry if I left anyone out
Michael McKenney
Billy Tinney
Strictly Art Photography Tony and John
Brian Anderson with Beauty in Art Photography
Morningstar Photography
E and J Photography
Kelly Oneill
Jim Landers
Bill DeMichele
Curt Lout
Fraser with Tattoo True Love
John Langmore
Jason Self with JW Media
John Warner


The Artwork of Johnny Jackson