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Alicia and I

Here's Alicia and I. That's Elmo's wife. We were hangin' out at the Alamo City convention. Can't wait to see you guys again. Give Saryn a hug for me.

Pool anyone?

Here's my tribute to one of my favorite musicians, Hank III... Keep on with that Hellbilly Shit!!!

My babe and I

Here we are at the Family Values tour 2006... Photo taken by the amazing Bryan Anderson...


Me getting inked...

It can't be that bad or I wouldn't be smiling!!!!!

Poison Bottle

Johnny did this piece at the Dallas convention in 2005. I got 3 pieces in 3 days by him at that convention. Over 11 hours of ink that weekend.... I'm a little crazy.


Here's Elmo and I both sweatin' at the Alamo City convention. Thank you Elmo and Alicia for a great weekend. You guys are awesome.


Johnny took this picture right after tattooing me for 5 hours on that arm. Thank you, love.


Photo by Jason Self.

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